Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe

Pyramid Lake Paiute: Natukwena Nagwesenoo

To address low Internet speeds and a general lack of access to online tools like distance learning, telemedicine, and enhanced public safety services on its reservation, the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe proposes a public-private partnership project to deploy a fiber-optic middle mile network across 742 square mile reservation. The project, Natukwena Nagwesenoo—a Paiute phrase which means “to weave information”—proposes the construction of 44 new miles of fiber in partnership with Praxis Associates that will provide direct connections to local community anchor institutions at a minimum speed of 10 Mbps. The connected organizations are expected to include the regional health service center, the Wadsworth grade school, the regional youth treatment center, and the only adult higher education center on reservation lands.

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