June 30, 2010 National Broadband Map Datasets

The files below include all publicly available data in a zipped csv format from the June 30, 2010 data, released on February 17, 2011. When publishing results of this data, please cite NTIA’s State Broadband Initiative. Please read the instructions.txt included in the zip files to learn how these files were assembled. You may download data by state or for the entire country, except for Community Anchor Institution data which is only available for the entire country. There are approximately 25 million records in the national database.

To review all datasets please go here.

Popular Reports from June 2010 SBI data

National Datasets

State & Territory Datasets

State Recipient Data Providers
Alabama Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs SBDD_AL_Fall2010.zip AL_DataPackage.xls
Alaska Connected Nation (Alaska) SBDD_AK_Fall2010.zip AK_DataPackage.xls
American Samoa American Samoa Government SBDD_AS_Fall2010.zip AS_DataPackage.xls
Arizona Arizona Government Information Technology Agency SBDD_AZ_Fall2010.zip AZ_DataPackage.xls
Arkansas Connect Arkansas SBDD_AR_Fall2010.zip AR_DataPackage.xls
California California Public Utilities Commission SBDD_CA_Fall2010.zip CA_DataPackage.xls
Colorado Colorado Governor's Office of Information Technology SBDD_CO_Fall2010.zip CO_DataPackage.xls
Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands Department of Commerce, N. Mariana Islands data not submitted data not submitted
Connecticut Connecticut Department of Public Utility Control SBDD_CT_Fall2010.zip CT_DataPackage.xls
Delaware Delaware Department of Technology and Information SBDD_DE_Fall2010.zip DE_DataPackage.xls
District of Columbia DC Office of the Chief Technology Officer SBDD_DC_Fall2010.zip DC_DataPackage.xls
Florida Florida Department of Management Services SBDD_FL_Fall2010.zip FL_DataPackage.xls
Georgia Georgia Technology Authority SBDD_GA_Fall2010.zip GA_DataPackage.xls
Guam One Economy Corporation data not submitted data not submitted
Hawaii Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs SBDD_HI_Fall2010.zip HI_DataPackage.xls
Idaho Puget Sound Center for Teaching Learning and Technology (Idaho) SBDD_ID_Fall2010.zip ID_DataPackage.xls
Illinois The Partnership for a Connected Illinois SBDD_IL_Fall2010.zip IL_DataPackage.xls
Indiana Indiana Office of Technology SBDD_IN_Fall2010.zip IN_DataPackage.xls
Iowa Connected Nation (Iowa) SBDD_IA_Fall2010.zip IA_DataPackage.xls
Kansas Connected Nation (Kansas) SBDD_KS_Fall2010.zip KS_DataPackage.xls
Kentucky Commonwealth of Kentucky Office of Technology SBDD_KY_Fall2010.zip KY_DataPackage.xls
Louisiana State of Louisiana Division of Administration SBDD_LA_Fall2010.zip LA_DataPackage.xls
Maine State of Maine, ConnectME Authority SBDD_ME_Fall2010.zip ME_DataPackage.xls
Maryland Maryland Broadband Cooperative SBDD_MD_Fall2010.zip MD_DataPackage.xls
Massachusetts Massachusetts Broadband Institute SBDD_MA_Fall2010.zip MA_DataPackage.xls
Michigan Connected Nation (Michigan) SBDD_MI_Fall2010.zip MI_DataPackage.xls
Minnesota Connected Nation (Minnesota) SBDD_MN_Fall2010.zip MN_DataPackage.xls
Mississippi Office of the Governor, State of Mississippi SBDD_MS_Fall2010.zip MS_DataPackage.xls
Missouri Missouri Office of Administration SBDD_MO_Fall2010.zip MO_DataPackage.xls
Montana Montana Department of Commerce SBDD_MT_Fall2010.zip MT_DataPackage.xls
Nebraska Nebraska Public Service Commission SBDD_NE_Fall2010.zip NE_DataPackage.xls
Nevada Connected Nation (Nevada) SBDD_NV_Fall2010.zip NV_DataPackage.xls
New Hampshire University of New Hampshire SBDD_NH_Fall2010.zip NH_DataPackage.xls
New Jersey New Jersey Office of Information Technology SBDD_NJ_Fall2010.zip NJ_datapackage.xls
New Mexico New Mexico Department of Information Technology SBDD_NM_Fall2010.zip NM_DataPackage.xls
New York NY State Office of Cyber Security & Critical Infrastructure SBDD_NY_Fall2010.zip NY_DataPackage.xls
North Carolina Rural Economic Development Center, Inc. (e-NC Authority) SBDD_NC_Fall2010.zip NC_DataPackage.xls
North Dakota North Dakota Information Technology Department SBDD_ND_Fall2010.zip ND_DataPackage.xls
Ohio Ohio Office of Information Technology SBDD_OH_Fall2010.zip OH_DataPackage.xls
Oklahoma Oklahoma Office of State Finance SBDD_OK_Fall2010.zip OK_DataPackage.xls
Oregon Public Utility Commission of Oregon SBDD_OR_Fall2010.zip OR_DataPackage.xls
Pennsylvania PA Department of Community and Economic Development SBDD_PA_Fall2010.zip PA_DataPackage.xls
Puerto Rico Puerto Rico Governor’s Office SBDD_PR_Fall2010.zip PR_DataPackage.xls
Rhode Island Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation SBDD_RI_Fall2010.zip RI_DataPackage.xls
South Carolina Connected Nation (South Carolina) SBDD_SC_Fall2010.zip SC_DataPackage.xls
South Dakota South Dakota Bureau of Information & Telecommunications SBDD_SD_Fall2010.zip SD_DataPackage.xls
Tennessee Connected Tennessee SBDD_TN_Fall2010.zip TN_DataPackage.xls
Texas Connected Nation (Texas) SBDD_TX_Fall2010.zip TX_DataPackage.xls
U.S. Virgin Islands Virgin Islands Public Finance Authority SBDD_VI_Fall2010.zip VI_DataPackage.xls
Utah Utah Public Service Commission SBDD_UT_Fall2010.zip UT_DataPackage.xls
Vermont Vermont Center for Geographic Information, Inc. SBDD_VT_Fall2010.zip VT_DataPackage.xls
Virginia Center for Innovative Technology SBDD_VA_Fall2010.zip VA_DataPackage.xls
Washington Washington State Department of Information Services SBDD_WA_Fall2010.zip WA_DataPackage.xls
West Virginia West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey SBDD_WV_Fall2010.zip WV_DataPackage.xls
Wisconsin Public Service Commission of Wisconsin SBDD_WI_Fall2010.zip WI_DataPackage.xls
Wyoming Puget Sound Center for Teaching, Learning and Technology (Wyoming) SBDD_WY_Fall2010.zip WY_DataPackage.xls