California Public Utilities Commission

Designee for the State of California

Project Components

State Broadband Capacity Building:

This funding will support new staff who will work to execute recommendations of the California Broadband Task Force through the new California Broadband Council, a state-led body to be comprised of the state executive and legislative branches, and the California Emerging Technology Fund. Council staff will coordinate the activities of disparate state agencies, provide outreach to local governments, and implement policies and programs to promote broadband deployment, usage, and application use throughout California.

Technical Assistance:

The project will collect, display and update location and service information of computer refurbishment centers across the state. In addition, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) will research additional broadband information, such as the location of training centers, and BTOP and BIP-funded projects, indicating the type of project, e.g., sustainable adoption, computer center, middle mile, last mile.

Programs to Improve Computer Ownership and Internet Use:

In partnership with California State University-Chico, the CPUC will support outreach and technical support to develop and implement a broadband adoption strategy specifically targeting Native American tribes, Rancherias and communities in California. This support will provide ongoing technical assistance and consultation to address planning and development issues related to the implementation of Internet service within tribal communities.

Wireless Application Development:

This funding will support the California Wireless Broadband Performance and Coverage Tracking Study. The CPUC will conduct an integrated, independent, comprehensive, open-source mobile wireless network testing and reporting system that covers all mobile wireless networks in the state and fairly reports performance and coverage as an honest broker. The open-source nature of this project can serve as a model for other governments to replicate.

Data Collection, Integration, and Validation:

This project was originally funded for broadband planning activities and two years of data collection. In September of 2010, this project was amended to extend data collection activities for an additional three years and to identify and implement best practices.

Note: Project description is based on information supplied by the applicant. For more information, please visit State Broadband Data and Development Program
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