The Urban Affairs Coalition

Freedom Rings: Sustainable Broadband Adoption

To address the related problems of pervasive poverty and low broadband adoption rates in urban Philadelphia, the Urban Affairs Coalition proposes a strategic outreach, access, and training program targeted to residents with no or limited at-home Internet access. This project intends to focus on the most economically and socially vulnerable populations, including at-risk youth, ex-offenders, public housing residents, seniors, the homeless, and people living with HIV/AIDS through project partners selected for their expertise in serving these groups. The project includes a four-stage adoption model: (1) awareness; (2) trial; (3) acceptance; and (4) conversion. By distributing 5,000 laptop computers to public housing residents who complete a broadband training curriculum, the project proposes to create a class of broadband adoption ambassadors to illustrate the benefits of access and adoption to the community at large.

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