Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe

5-Point Access Public Computer Centers Program

The Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe is proposing to upgrade public computer centers and add training and certification courses to the services it provides to economically vulnerable residents in Franklin County, New York, which is along the Canadian border. Many Mohawks suffered job losses in auto manufacturing and aluminum production during the recent economic downturn, and the project aims to provide the broadband access and training in digital literacy, workforce skills, and business development needed for the Tribe’s economic recovery. The project proposes to utilize distance learning and videoconferencing for inter-governmental and public safety applications, as well as distance-enabled teaching screens, or smart boards, to enable collaboration among educational institutions. The Tribe plans to partner with the National Education Foundation to offer a three-stage online digital literacy course consisting of basic computing, computer applications, and Internet applications. The National Education Foundation also plans to donate over 17,000 online course units for use in the computer centers, including certification courses in information technology, business skills, and project management.

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