BroadbandUSA Connectivity Assessment Tool (BCAT) Timeline

NTIA's BroadbandUSA Connectivity Assessment Tool (BCAT) is developing new tools to support communities working to accelerate broadband deployment, deepen broadband adoption, strengthen local policies, and use broadband to advance local priorities. The Initiative complements the other tools and resources available through BroadbandUSA.

Extensive feedback from community, civic, and commercial leaders across the country has affirmed the need for more robust and comprehensive tools to support local efforts to promote broadband access and adoption and to align local investments and policies with community priorities. The 2016 work program relies on extensive field engagement and rapid prototyping to create a national consensus around local measures for broadband access, adoption, policies, and use. Field research and feedback from community and civic leaders continues to inform the scope of the Initiative. The year 2016 is a design and engagement year; the tool will be available for use in calendar year 2017.

The current deliverables and activities are listed below – and subject to change:

1Q 2015

  • BroadbandUSA announced to help communities seeking to ensure their citizens have the broadband capacity they need to advance economic development, education, health care, and public safety.

3Q 2015

  • BCAT Index is defined as action item as part of the Broadband Opportunity Council Report with BroadbandUSA taking the lead to convene a series of stakeholder forums to develop an index program that encourages advancements and investments in community connectivity.

4Q 2015

  • Stakeholder engagement to better understand opportunities and concerns.
  • Research large scale change programs.
  • Research broadband indicator and assessment metrics and tools.

1Q 2016

  • Developed partnerships and align resources.
  • Drafted initial indicator framework and program scope.
  • Program highlighted in White House fact sheet on ConnectALL.

2Q 2016

  • Convene forums to solicit detailed input on framework and self-assessment tool.
  • Engage collaborators and community stakeholders to refine and improve framework and program design.

3Q 2016

  • Develop online assessment tool.
  • Develop model reports; engage stakeholders to refine tools.
  • Develop assessment recommendations and report
  • Plan for national community of practice.

4Q 2016

  • Online assessment tool and reports available for beta testing.
  • User test online assessment tools.


  • Revise framework, self-assessment tool and reports based on user feedback
  • Release v1 Connectivity Assessment Framework and Self-Assessment Tool.
  • Accompany roll-out with training and expanded technical assistance.
  • Work with collaborators to support members and constituents.
  • Monitor and assess results and institute change processes.

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BroadbandUSA continues to engage stakeholders to help develop and finalize a set of connectivity indicators and introduce the program broadly to communities in 2017. Check our Events Links on BroadbandUSA for a list of upcoming engagement opportunities.

To stay abreast of BCAT developments or to sign on as a collaborator, please send your name, organization, email and phone number to and write BCAT in the subject line.

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