BroadbandUSA Connectivity Assessment Tool (BCAT)

The BroadbandUSA Connectivity Assessment Tool (Assessment Tool) is designed to help local leaders improve broadband by assessing their needs and assets, aligning interests and resources, attracting investment, discovering resources, and building concrete action plans. The Assessment Tool:

  • Encourages robust collaboration
  • Localizes and presents relevant national data
  • Speeds the planning process
  • Informs public-private partnerships
  • Identifies relevant resources

The Assessment Tool is based on a comprehensive planning framework known as the Community Connectivity Framework, which spans three major sectors:

  • Access - broadband availability and infrastructure
  • Adoption - digital inclusion and skills
  • Community - leadership and context

The Assessment Tool invites community planning teams to explore up to 12 broadband planning modules; to view data from the U.S. Census Bureau and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC); to collaborate and record local responses; and to access a customized Action Report. The resulting report links local teams to resources that can help them move quickly to translate issues and aspirations into concrete plans that attract broadband investment and strengthen community connectivity. The Assessment Tool is currently in beta test in 15 diverse communities in 8 states.

aspects of the tool

Download the BroadbandUSA Assessment Tool Fact Sheet [ — pptx | pdf — ]

Download the BroadbandUSA Assessment Tool PowerPoint [ — pptx | pdf — ]

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