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One-Stop Public Computer Center Modernization

The One-Stop Public Computer Center Modernization project plans to improve access to job information, career counseling, and skills training by upgrading and expanding 20 WorkForce West Virginia One-Stop career centers throughout the state. This project intends to replace all of the existing 165 computer workstations at the centers, add 80 new workstations, and enable each center to remain open an average of six additional hours per week. The centers upgraded through this project will provide high speed Internet access and critical job training services to unemployed, low-income, and other residents throughout the state. The improved centers are expected to attract almost 2,300 additional users per week, nearly double their current traffic, through a marketing and direct mail campaign aimed at local residents, especially the unemployed, veterans, seniors, and low-income individuals.

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BTOP In Action
An instructor stands behind a student sitting at a computer workstation.

WorkForce West Virginia (WorkForce) is improving access to job information, career counseling, and skills training by upgrading and expanding career centers statewide. Through June 30, 2013 WorkForce has installed more than 450 workstations and served, on average, more than 6,700 users per week. Of these users, 75 percent are unemployed and a majority do not have affordable home broadband access, so these workstations provide them with the ability to search for jobs, fill
out job applications and write resumes. For example, one patron who previously filed for unemployment used the Logan Workforce Center’s career services and new workstations to
find a position with a local medical practice.

During the past quarter, WorkForce offered more than 10,700 training hours in courses on interview skills, improving resumes, and training older workers to use computers. WorkForce also continues to work with its partners, the West Virginia National Guard and Army Reserve, to serve veterans and transitioning armed service members to civilian jobs. WorkForce has deployed a total of 30 workstations in armories, reserve centers, and veterans’ centers.

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