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Clackamas Broadband Innovation Initiative

The County of Clackamas, in the Mt. Hood region of north-central Oregon, launched the Clackamas Broadband Innovation Initiative to bring affordable high-speed broadband to 156 community anchor institutions countywide. The project, a 180-mile network of new fiber optic cable, aims to provide speeds as high as 1 Gbps to K-12 schools, community colleges, and libraries, enabling distance learning applications and other educational services that they are currently unable to utilize. Clackamas County expects to connect at least 90 schools and two community colleges directly to the project’s middle mile network, along with 36 public safety entities, four health care providers, eight city halls, and ten libraries.

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BTOP In Action
Photo – “County of Clackamas BTOP in Action Superintendent Linda Johnson”

“This is going to open the world to Colton,” said Colton School District Superintendent Linda Johnson, speaking at a September 2010 kick-off event for the Clackamas County (Oregon) Technology Services BTOP project. She went on to present a convincing portrayal of how expanded broadband access will change learning in Colton’s small, rural school district.

According to Ms. Jackson, the school district tried for several years to increase the available bandwidth and each time was stopped by the cost. Ms. Jackson explained that every school district in the county except Colton had access to educational resources that required high bandwidth. She described this as a handicap to both teachers and students, especially as the schools try to teach 21st century knowledge and skills.

Broadband will “enhance student learning, broaden student and community horizons, save taxpayer money, and, in turn, both save and create jobs,” said Ms. Johnson. She noted the following additional benefits in her remarks:
• High-quality video conferencing across the school district, the county, and the state.
• Reliable connectivity to support day-to-day activities such as standards-based testing.
• Cost savings through enhanced use of shared resources.
• Ability to streamline video into classrooms and libraries.

The event included tours of Clackamas Community College to demonstrate how broadband will enhance technology offerings in the county.

Last Updated: January 5, 2011

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