ENMR Telephone Cooperative, Inc. dba ENMR-Plateau

Extending the Middle Mile: ENMR-Plateau Middle Mile CCI Project

To provide much-needed broadband capacity to critical community facilities in underserved west Texas and eastern New Mexico communities, ENMR-Plateau plans to construct 189 miles of new fiber and utilize 418 miles of additional existing fiber to create a middle mile broadband network spanning central and eastern New Mexico and parts of western Texas.

Expanding its $11.2M BTOP Round One infrastructure award, ENMR plans to deploy its network into additional underserved areas with 1 Gbps middle-mile speeds. The project proposes to facilitate distance learning and education for tens of thousands of residents by significantly improving broadband connections at schools and higher education institutions. ENMR-Plateau plans to partner with both New Mexico and Texas colleges and universities, regional utility companies, and other service providers as needed to further maximize use of fiber and broadband capacity.

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BTOP In Action
ENMR crews drill a hole to install fiber at the project’s second market site.

On January 21, 2011, the ENMR Telephone Cooperative (ENMR) began construction on a network of nearly 1,890 new and leased fiber miles. As of the project’s completion in January 2013, the network had connected nearly 270 underserved anchor institutions. Extending through eastern New Mexico and west Texas, the network increased Internet access speeds to 1Gbps at educational institutions, public safety organizations, healthcare facilities, and government agencies.
ENMR provided new broadband fiber and connectivity service, and delivered Internet at discounted rates to local rural schools, state agencies, and other anchor facilities. This new network also expanded distance learning opportunities for students at schools and libraries in rural areas.

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