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DeKalb Advancement of Technology Authority Broadband

The DeKalb Advancement of Technology Authority (DATA) Broadband project, a partnership between the DeKalb County Government, Northern Illinois University, and DeKalb Fiber Optic, plans to deploy a 130-mile fiber-optic network across DeKalb County and northern LaSalle County. The project is targeted to reach areas with a demonstrated need for high-speed, low-cost broadband access. The project expects to provide high-speed Internet connections between 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps to at least 60 anchor institutions, such as schools, hospitals, libraries, public safety entities, and numerous government agencies. The project will also enable broadband providers to interconnect with these facilities to provide broadband to households and businesses in unserved and underserved communities. The project design includes five networks overlaid on the fiber optic system— each network will be designed to meet the needs of a specific community: education and libraries, healthcare, the farming community, government and emergency services, and business and economic development.

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