Plumas Sierra Rural Electric Cooperative

Plumas-Sierra Telecommunications Middle Mile Fiber Project

Many of the community anchor institutions in the rural Sierra region of northeastern California currently lack
adequate access to the bandwidth necessary to support e-healthcare, advanced learning opportunities, and
economic development. The Plumas Sierra Rural Electric Cooperative plans to meet the broadband needs of
these institutions by constructing 169 miles of new fiber for a middle mile network to deliverbroadband speeds
between 45 Mbps and 10 Gbps to anchor institutions and local Internet service providers. Among the 18
community anchor institutions currently expected to connect to the Plumas-Sierra Telecommunications Middle
Mile Fiber Project’s network are seven government facilities, two community colleges, and two healthcare
providers including the Plumas District Hospital, High Desert Prison, and Feather River College.

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A construction worker uses construction equipment to dig a hole for fiber. ION Hold Co., LLC transferred to ION NewCo Corp.

ION NewCo Corp. deployed approximately 210 miles of fiber this quarter. As of June 30, 2013, ION...

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